Death in Corona

6 more died in Corona


In the last 24 hours (from 6am on Tuesday to 8am on Wednesday), six more people have died in the country due to corona infection. At this time, 26 new corona infections have been identified. Although the death toll in Corona has increased compared to the previous day, the number of identities has decreased.

This information was given in the press release of the health department this afternoon. Earlier in the day, 5 deaths and 291 new cases were identified in Corona.

According to the notification, samples of 20,549 people were tested across the country in the last 24 hours. In contrast to the test, the patient identification rate is 1.35. The previous day the rate was 1.45.

Among the dead in the last 24 hours are four men and two women. Three of them died in Dhaka division. One died each in Chittagong, Rajshahi and Sylhet divisions.

The first corona outbreak occurred in the country in March last year. Since then, the total number of corona patients identified in the country is 15 lakh 8 thousand 26. Among them 26 thousand 17 people died and 15 lakh 43 thousand 204 people recovered. In the last 24 hours, 296 people have recovered.

The first corona outbreak occurred in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Within a few months, the virus spread around the world. The first corona infection was detected in Bangladesh on March 7 last year. The first death was reported on March 17 of the same year.

Since then, corona infections have been reduced at different times. However, towards the end of May this year, the situation in the country began to deteriorate due to the corona delta type. Corona’s mass vaccination began in early August. Then both infection and death began to decline.

Meanwhile, concerns have been raised about a new type of corona, recently introduced in South Africa. Experts say that this type of corona can be more contagious than all previous types. Apart from that, the corona vaccines that have been developed so far may not be effective against this type of corona. In this situation, steps have been taken to ensure mandatory quarantine of people from Africa.

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