6 Coach Jackets Inspired Outfits to Elevate your Style

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Layering has gotten quite noticeable attention in recent times. Be it summers or chilly weather, people are very inclined towards layering their outfits to give an edge to their style and make a statement with their clothes. The most obvious options to end the outfit layering used to be denim jackets, leather jackets, vests, and sweaters but since fashion is no longer confined in boundaries garments from different clothing genres can be mixed and matched to create multiple new outfits. For instance, you may be seeing people incorporating their workwear shirts, pants, or sports jerseys and jackets in their daily wear.

Similarly, a classic in US sports, the Coaches Jacket which was athletic-oriented outerwear raided the fashion scene and making a lot of noise. It used to be lightweight, waterproof, and logoed apparel especially worn by team coaches. It was characterized by a point collar, hip pockets, snap button front, and a draw-string at the waist. Today, brands are showcasing the classic coaches jacket with a modern twist, at the same time staying true to its classic charm.

The modernization has made the jacket extremely versatile, bridging the gap between smart and sporty. It can be styled multiple ways by men as well as women. Keep reading the article to learn more about how you can incorporate the jacket into your outfits the trendy way and serve the purpose it was initially designed for.

The classic Coach the Feminine Way

Give yourself the perfect sporty and chic look by pairing the classic coach jacket with your every day staple wardrobe items. Get your go-to skinny jeans and a tank top that goes with the jacket. It may be stripped or plain does not matter much what you go for. Tuck it in and wear the jacket over it, roll up your sleeves, put up your hair in a ponytail with some loose stands; voila!

This outfit is simple yet has a streetwear influence. You can rock this style on a casual day or to a sports finale event to go with the vibe.

Go for the Camo Look

The Camouflage print is always a classic whatever decade you may be in and however big turn the fashion industry takes in bringing new trends. The picture above shows a camo coach jacket with a little modernized look. The Black collar and a zipper pocket surely make it look contemporary.

Pair the camo printed coach with basics underneath it. For example, plain and neutral tone t-shirts paired with straight-fit denim or sweatpants. It will make the jacket stand out and give your whole outfit a bit of a tactical feel as well. Plus, it’s very easy to style.

The Cropped Look

The popularity of a cropped jacket when intertwined with the coach jacket, the mix creates an exemplar piece for women. This jacket is just the right amount of sporty and feminine at the same time. It can be paired with multiple pieces to create different looks.

Firstly, it can be styled with a sports bra and a pair of sweatpants to achieve a sporty look. Secondly, a crop top and straight fir jeans would complement it perfectly to give a laid back, easy, and street look.

The Statement Coach

This men’s coach jacket is just a notch up on the style scale from your regular sports coach. The satin texture is a statement in itself and elevates the whole look to make you stand out. It would look great on you when going for night-outs, it’s not very casual nor very formal but the perfect amount of smart casual.

Pair it with a printed or textured shirt over your go-to denim or chinos that would complement the color of your jacket. Keep the other pieces subtle to let the jacket shine.

The Parka-Style Coach

This long parka-styled coach jacket is perfect for those who want to go a step further with their outfits and styling. The white jacket with a pop of color, red stripes along the sleeves give it just enough sporty factor. It is a unisex jacket that can be style by both men and women.

To complement the jacket, wear a contrasting colored shirt underneath like in the picture paired with denim or sweat pants. You can categorize the look at street chic that will obviously make you stand out.

The Custom Design Coach Jacket

DIY a coach jacket to give your clothes a personal touch and stand out. Pick out a plain coach jacket when you are on your shopping spree that fits your style. Give it a new look by either having a design printed on it or having an embroidered patch stitched onto it. Or just anything else that represents you and reflects your style the most. You can have it customized on the front, back or sleeves. This way you’ll have something that no one else has and it will surely make some heads turn.



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