5 Things to do in Maldives Vacation

5 Things to do in Maldives Vacation


The exhilarating things to do in Maldives will take you on a trip to another world. The Maldives consists of beautiful resorts, with luxurious villas arching over blue waters spreading out from white sand beaches. If you planned to do nothing except relax in the sun, drink cocktails, and watch the sunset over the ocean, then you should certainly visit this island paradise. True, over-the-water villas are a sight to behold, and those photos are what initially lured us to the Maldives. But, other than resting, what else can you do in the Maldives? Definitely! 

When visiting the Maldives, don’t forget to partake in some water activities in your Maldives tour package from kochi. The Maldives are a paradise for adventurers, water sports enthusiasts, and lovers of romance. Glance about to take in the breathtaking terrain and seascapes, or look down for a crystal-clear close-up of the ocean’s ‘aquarium’ underneath you, all while getting a great cardio exercise through all these activities. All of these activities below appeal to the preferences of all types of travellers. Examine all of your alternatives.

Things to do in Maldives

  1. Explore Malé

You’ll be flying into Male, the Maldives’ capital, and it’s worth spending a day or two seeing the city. Male is a stark contrast to the atolls’ peacefulness. The Male Fish Market is the city’s beating heart, bustling with the day’s catch. With a population of almost 227,000 people, it is one of the world’s most densely inhabited cities. Spend the day seeing the Male Fish Market and the Old Mosque, two of the city’s most popular attractions. The National Museum is worth a visit if you want to learn about the Maldives’ history and view relics from the past, while the Old Friday Mosque, which dates back to 1656, is the country’s oldest mosque. Also, Sultan Park is a must-see.

  1. Surfing in the Maldives

The Maldives is a top surfing destination in the globe. Top surfers from all over the globe flock to the Cinnamon Dhonveli Hotel to take advantage of its uncrowded break. Surfing is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in the Maldives for adrenaline addicts. The Maldives are ideal for scuba diving and snorkelling because of their crystal clear water and abundant marine life. Many resorts have reefs that are near enough to swim from the beach, while others provide snorkelling excursions that take you to deeper seas and even more colourful corals through a boat and tour operator. Meanwhile, scuba divers of all levels may enjoy dive expeditions around the Maldives.

  1. Dolphin Watching

The Maldives’ dolphins are some of the most active and lively you’ve ever seen. You’ll never regret splurging out on a luxurious sunset cruise in the Maldives with free-flowing champagne, fresh sea air, and a candy floss-colored sky. Even if you’re not celebrating a recent marriage, you can find yourself swept up in the romanticism of the moment when you spy a playful pod of spinner dolphins around your boat. They’re abundant in Maldivian seas and may frequently follow vessels, corkscrewing out of the water for no apparent reason. 

  1. Parasailing

The Maldives is nearly flat and there are few ways to gain a bird’s-eye perspective of these turquoise-trimmed islands in all their splendour, except from the occasional rooftop pool and seaplane trip. Parasailing over the Maldives’ lovely atolls is actually absolutely calm, despite its reputation as an adrenaline sport – just remember to hold on to your camera. You’ll like the temperature, which encourages parasailing, as well as the magnificent waters, which expose you to colourful corals and a plethora of marine life that will enchant you.

  1. Stand Up paddling

Stand up paddling, commonly known as standup paddle boarding or simply ‘SUP,’ is a relaxing yet exhilarating modern water sport that has exploded in popularity in recent years. If you don’t want to surf, paddle boarding is a terrific alternative. While it is a kind of surfing, stand up paddle boarders stand atop their boards and drive themselves through the water surface with a paddle, as opposed to traditional surfing, which requires the surfer to stay sitting until a wave occurs. Veligandu’s calm, tranquil seas are ideal for this. Paddle through protected bays where the water is so pure that you can see fish swimming directly beneath your boards. Because most islands are surrounded by calm shallow seas that only flow with the rising tides, the Maldives is ideal for (Supping). Paddleboards are available for hire at resorts.

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