4 Ways to Know that You Are About to Purchase a Bad LED Headlight


Car Headlights are crucial to ensure that your trip is safe, especially when driving at night. However, when the headlights are compromised, it is essential to take them out and look for a replacement. Well, the fact is that not all replacements are fully functional.

Here are 4 ways to know if they are fully functional:

1. Flickering lights

LED Lights are made up of electrical wirings and internal connections, but there are consequences when this is not done correctly. LED headlights that come with internal problems or are not well wired would have difficulty functioning correctly. This indicates that you should return the LED headlights or get a professional to check them out.

So before purchasing LED headlights, ensure to turn it on for a few minutes to be sure. Sometimes, the flickering is triggered when the light stays on for more than a few minutes. 

2. Dim lights

New headlights are known for how bright they shine when turned out or installed. This is because the bulbs still have their luster intact. However, if it seems as though the headlights could have been brighter at the point of purchase, it is most definitely a bad one. Unless previously used, the lights should shine way brighter than the old ones you are about to change.

For previously installed LED headlights, this is a sign that the lights are nearing the end of their days being active. They would surely burn out soon as they could only get dimmer and not brighter. 

3. Yellow/Hazy lights

When LED headlights are initially purchased, the rays are designed to be clear and colorless unless designed otherwise.  However, there are times that they become hazy or yellowish due to external factors. It could be dirt, salt, or even UV rays that have come in contact with the light. 

Ordinarily, these issues are peculiar to used lights and are easy to get rid of once noticed. Yet, a new LED headlight has its advantages and should not have such a problem. It would be better to ask for a replacement or return it entirely. 

4. Dead headlights

Dead headlights mean that they are no longer functional and should not be purchased in the first place. It is advisable to seek out a professional to investigate why the lights are not coming on. They should be able to determine if the lights are glitching or simply not functional.

Nonetheless, good LED headlights should work light up once turned on or installed into the vehicle. In any case, it is just one that is not coming on, and you are getting a replacement; ensure that the two are replaced. There is a possibility that the second one could have similar problems. 

Conclusion and Summary

As much as it is essential to find a replacement for your former LED headlights, they also need to be fully functional. Dim, hazy, or yellowish headlights may only cause you to find a replacement quicker than you usually would. Thus, ensure to check them out before the purchase.

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