25 Workers Filed Sexual Harassment Case at Workplace Against McDonald’s

On Tuesday McDonald’s employees sued the food-giant by filing 25 new lawsuits. They have filed regulatory charges of overlooking sexual harassment in the workplace and punishing workers who raise voice against it. Thus the food-giant is facing the latest tide of sexual harassment cases this week. Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund of the National Women’s Law Center, labour advocacy group Fight For $15, and the American Civil Liberties Union have tossed the harassment complaints. The restaurant chain has been claimed of failing to secure employees from sexual harassment and inhumanity. Even high-profile activists like author and TV actress Padma Lakshmi joined a worker protest campaign in Chicago.

On the other hand, Time’s Up sent a public letter to the CEO of McDonald’s, Steve Easterbrook. Through the letter, the firm intends to control sexual misbehaviour at the workplace. The majority of the complaints were submitted to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). As per the reports of USA Today, the number of offences filed against the food-giant has crossed 50 since 2016. Many of the McDonald’s employees filed similar cases against the company in 2018. Besides, in September McDonald’s workers across ten cities initiated a strike to point out sexual harassment at their workplace. While Time’s Up has recommended that since then the food-giant has not taken appropriate steps to combat issues of sexual misconduct within the company.

Time’s Up’s letter to the CEO noted McDonald’s has failed to respond to employees suitably which placed workers’ safety in danger. Now Time’s Up is asking the food-giant to order training for the managers and workforce at its restaurants. Also, the company should ensure employees’ complaints are solved without reprisal. Even more, it should adopt more transparency about harassment and the way to deal with it. As a result, McDonald’s is facing pressure from activists and other organizations. While Sharyn Tejani, director of the Time’s Up fund, raising voice against workplace harassment should not cost making a living.

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