14 medical workers arrested in Myanmar

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Myanmar’s junta has arrested 14 medical workers. They have been accused of treating patients who are members of terrorist organizations. A media outlet backed by the ruling party said this on Wednesday.

Reuters reports that Myanmar’s military raided a church in the Laikao area of ​​the eastern Kaya state on Monday and arrested the medics on a tip-off. At that time, they were treating 46 patients infected with coronavirus.

The junta-backed newspaper Global New Light reported that the paramedics had been arrested while providing unofficial medical care to injured members and sick people.

However, the media report did not name any organization. Only the report said that the 18 medical workers will be brought to justice according to specific laws.

Myanmar’s healthcare system has collapsed since the junta seized power on February 1, removing the Suu Kyi government. Medical workers shut down medical services in various hospitals in protest of the overthrow of the elected government. They even took part in the anti-janta movement.

Human rights groups say Myanmar’s health workers have been targeted by security forces. However, the military has requested that doctors return to work.

As many as 1,300 civilians have been killed in anti-junta protests in Myanmar since February 1. More than 10,000 citizens have been arrested during this time. An organization called the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (APP) reported the information.

The United Nations has also cited the APP’s figures. However, Myanmar’s junta has claimed that the report was motivated. On the contrary, a spokesman for the junta government claimed last week that 200 troops had been killed in the conflict since the beginning of the year.

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