13 killed in Indonesia eruption

13 killed in Indonesia eruption


At least 13 people have been killed since a volcano erupted in Indonesia’s Java province on Saturday. This information was given in the report of BBC online on Sunday quoting the emergency services authority of the country.

At least 57 people were injured in the eruption, government officials said. Many of them were seriously burnt. Their condition is critical.

Several video footage captured the eruption of Mount Semeru volcano, sending huge plumes of ash into the area, forcing locals to flee.

As can be seen in the picture, the roofs of the houses in the surrounding villages are covered by the ash created by the eruption of the volcano.

Locals say sunlight is not visible due to the smoke coil. That is why they are in darkness even during the day.

A spokesman for the Indonesian Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) said the injured were being treated at various hospitals and clinics.

The eruption has left at least 11 villages in Lumajang district covered in ash. In this situation, many have left their homes and taken shelter in mosques and temporary shelters.

According to BNPB officials, 902 people have been evacuated from the area so far.

Evacuation of people is being hampered due to adverse conditions caused by the eruption.

A local official, Thorikul Haque, told Reuters news agency that communication between a road and a bridge near the local town of Malang had been cut off during the eruption.

The official said the situation has been changing rapidly since the eruption. The situation is dire now.

Ten people were trapped inside several buildings. The BNPB said they were rescued.

The eruption started from the volcano around 2.30 pm local time yesterday. Authorities have imposed restrictions on public movement within a five-kilometer radius of the volcano.

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