10 injured in clash between supporters of two councilor candidates


Clashes broke out between supporters of two councilor candidates in Narayanganj City Corporation’s 3rd ward. The clash took place on Friday night between supporters of Nasik 3rd ward councilor candidate Shahjalal Badal and his rival councilor candidate Alamgir.

Shah Alam (45), Billal Hossain (35), Anwar Hossain Anu (45), Morsheda alias Mashu (35) and Shaon (18) were injured in the clash. The injured have been shifted to Narayanganj and local hospitals.

According to locals, supporters of councilor candidate Shahjalal Badal beat up Shah Alam, elder brother of opposition councilor candidate Alamgir. Shah Alam was attacked by supporters of Shah Jalal Badal while putting up posters of his younger brother councilor candidate Alamgir. This led to clashes between the two sides.
Alamgir Hossain, a councilor candidate of Latim Pratik, said that supporters of his rival councilor candidate Shah Jalal Badal prevented my brother and people from putting up posters and attacked and injured 5-6 people including my brother Shah Alam. He informed the incident to Narayanganj Election Commission Assistant Returning Officer Afroza Akter and Siddhirganj Police.

Councilor candidate Shahjalal Badal denied the allegations made by his opponent Councilor candidate Alamgir, saying, “Neither I nor any of my staff has obstructed their election work.” Seeing my popularity, Alamgir vandalized my election camp with mercenary terrorists and hacked and beat several of my workers, seriously injuring them.

He informed the incident to Narayanganj Assistant Returning Officer and Siddhirganj police and Shahjalal Badal demanded a proper investigation into the incident. Siddhirganj police chief said. Mashiur Rahman said, I have heard the incident. Legal action will be taken in this case subject to investigation.
Independent chairman candidate Nowshad Hossain Moon held a press conference at Dakshin Dighaldi Union on Friday night seeking security and justice, alleging assault, torture, arson and looting against Awami League-nominated boat symbol chairman candidate Iftarul Hasan Swapan.

Earlier, Gias Uddin, an independent candidate from West Elisha, held a press conference against Awami League’s boat symbol candidate Zahirul Islam Zahir and accused him of assaulting and beating his staff. On the other hand, the candidates of the government party boat symbol have denied these allegations and are making counter allegations against the independent candidates.

Meanwhile, in order to maintain a peaceful electoral environment, a strong warning has been issued by gathering all the candidates at the initiative of the administration. As soon as news of a clash was received, law enforcers went to control the situation. But even after that, tensions are rising day by day and ordinary voters are worried about a fair and peaceful vote.

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