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Top 4 Ways to Convert Heic to JPG


If you are using iOS 11, you have noticed your images on this device aren’t saved in the JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) file format. Apple created the new high-efficiency HEIC image format for iOS users. Apple devices like iPhones or iPad take pictures in HEIF (High-Efficiency Image Format) and save them in HEIC file extension. The significant feature of the HEIC file extension is that it assumes almost 50% less storage space as compared to JPEG or JPG. However, the HEIC file format does not support all the programs like Android and Windows. Therefore, you need to convert Heic to JPG image format from the source of which comes with best HEIC file to JPG converter. Once you converted HEIC Apple file to JPG, you can be able to open the file in other programs. And you can do it by using a free Heic to jpg converter for both online and offline.


This application is the best source to make conversions from HEIC to JPG as it provides an online as well as desktop version HEIC to JPG converter. You can convert your HEIC file to JPG image format without losing the image quality. Just drag and drop the HEIC image into the converter and gets the JPG file format in a matter of seconds. Quit worrying about your files’ privacy since these are deleted from the server after the conversions done. You can use this application free ti use and also download it as a desktop version to enjoy much faster, more stable, and unlimited conversion.           


Kapwing’s HEIC to JPG converter free becomes one of the web’s most trusted online converters that is available for everyone to use without any restrictions. You can start converting the process from HEIC to JPG by simply uploading the HEIC image file into the HEIC to JPG converter. Your image quality resolution will be retained once you change your HEIC file into a JPG image format. This online application also supports other major file formats like MOV, AVI, WEBM, and more. Furthermore, you can save HEIC as JPG on a Mac, Windows, or Google device freely. You can also share your converted files directly via the download links on different platforms.

Use this online website to perform conversions without any installation as it gives a free HEIC to JPG converter online. It let you save HEIC as JPG image format in a couple of seconds. The conversion process is very simple and easy. You have to add your file and you can select the file from Google drive or dropbox. Very next, click on the Convert Button and finally download your files at once. It uses the best security system to secure your files therefore the files are deleted from the server at once. This online program support all the operating devices that have modern web browsers to make conversions.


This online browser-based program is an excellent source for converting HEIC images to JPG as it offers a free online HEIC to JPG converter. It helps you to turn HEIC into JPG file format within a few clicks. You have to go to upload your HEIC image into the tool box of the converter, press the button and save your new files to your desired storage. If you are worried about the security of your files, no need to worry since this online converter removed your files automatically once the conversions are done. You can use this web-based application on all operating devices that have modern web browsers. No installation is required to make the conversions.

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