There Is No More Need For Hey and Ok In Google Assistant

Finally, people will no longer require calling Google Assistant out by name each and every time when they would require issuing any particular command. As per the promise made at I/O Conference, Google has ensured that Assistant’s Continued Conversation is available for speakers who speak in US English, through the use of a Home speaker. One can enable it in the preferences and they need not require to say either ‘hey Google’ or ‘OK Google’ in order to follow-up even when anybody has a number of requests. You can easily ask about the weather if next day’s weather would be sunny and you can even remind yourself to go off to the beach. All this could be done without having to begin the chat all over again.
This approach can work just by leaving Assistant active for not more than eight seconds, in case it does not hear the speech. Continued Conversations would require to be turned on in the app of Google Assistant, which can be done through going to Settings, followed by Preferences, then going to Continued Conversation. The Assistant will remain active as long as it would believe that a person is talking and thus shall keep the LEDs lit on one’s Home speaker till the time it keeps on listening to a person’s voice. Though while starting off a new conversation, people would require to say ‘OK Google’ or go on to activate a physical trigger each time but Google is hopeful that once the number of instances, where a person would require to utter a wake-up phrase, gets reduced to a considerable extent, this will surely lead to more free flow and extremely natural interaction with Assistant.
Google’s multiple actions are not included in this; where one can perform multiple commands in one go. There is also no clarity as to when other different languages would work along with the continued conversation. All said and done, this is a really important step toward making Assistant get a more human being-like feel.